Prof. Haryanto, M.A.

Expertise: Conflict Management, Local Politic

Prof. Dr. Purwo Santoso, M.A.

Expertise: Environmental Politics, Public Policy

Prof. Pratikno, M.Soc.Sc.

Expertise: Governance and Public Policy

Ratna - Edited & Cropped - 2
Dr. Ratnawati, S.U.

Expertise: Gender Politics

Abdul Gaffar Karim
Dr. RB. Abdul Gaffar, M.A.

Expertise: Election Governance, Religious Politics, Multiculturalism

Dr. Anak Agung Gde Ngurah Ari Dwipayana, M.Si.

Expertise: Governance

Dr. Amalinda Savirani, M.A.

Expertise: Urban Politics, Water Resources Politics

Mada Sukmajati_cropped_edited
Dr. rer.pol. Mada Sukmajati, M.PP.

Expertise: Election and Party Governance

Wawan Masudi_cropped
Dr. Wawan Mas'udi, M.P.A.

Expertise: Governance, Public Policy

Nanang Indra_cropped
Dr. Nanang Indra Kurniawan, M.P.A.

Expertise: Natural Resources Politics, Energy Politics

Nur Azizah
Nur Azizah, M.Sc.

Expertise: Governance, Environmental Politics

Sigit Pamungkas
Sigit Pamungkas, M.A.

Expertise: Election and Party Governance

Miftah Adhi Ikhsanto, M.I.O.P

Expertise: State Finance Politics

Bayu Dardias Kurniadi, M.A., M.P.P., Ph.D

Expertise: Politic Economy, Agrarian Politics, Public Policy

Dr. Hasrul Hanif, M.A.

Expertise: Natural Resources Governance, Energy Politics

Longgina Novadona Bayo, M.A.

Expertise: Identity Politics, Local Politics

Arie - Edited & cropped
Dr. Arie Ruhyanto, M.Sc.

Expertise: Decentralization, Conflict Management

Ashari Cahyo Edi, M.P.A.

Expertise: Village Politics, Community Development

Joash Elisha_cropped
Dr. Joash Elisha Stephen Tapiheru, M.A.

Expertise: Political Theory-Post Structural Discourse Theory, Public Policy, and Governance

Ulya niami efrina
Ulya Niami Efrina Jamson, MA.

Expertise: Gender Politics, Identity Politics

Arya Budi
Arya Budi, MAPS.

Expertise: Election and Party Governance

Azifah Retno Astrina, M.P.S.

Expertise: Security and Borders

M. Djindan
Muhammad Djindan, M.Sc.

Expertise: Climate Change Politics, Natural Resources

Evi Lina Sutrisno_cropped
Evi Lina Sutrisno, M.A., Ph.D.

Expertise: Identity and Multiculturalism

Primi Suharmadhi Putri
Primi Suharmadi Putri, M.Phil.

Expertise: Natural Resource Management

Wigke Capri_cropped
Wigke Capri Arti, M.A.

Expertise: Gender Politics, Water Resources Politics

Devy Dhian
Devy Dhian Cahyati, M.A.

Expertise: Agrarian Politics

Mahesti Hasanah_cropped
Mahesti Hasanah, M.A.

Expertise: Human Rights, Local Democracy

Arga - Edited & Cropped
Arga Pribadi Imawan, M.A.

Expertise: Election Governance, Democracy

Alfath - Edited & Cropped
Alfath Bagus Panuntun El Nur Indonesia, M.A.

Expertise: Governance dan Development, Public Policy, Extra-Parliamentary Politics