The forum for alumni of the UGM Department of Politics and Government is the PAPP (Government Political Alumni Association). On March 1, 2014, there was a declaration of the Political and Government Alumni Association (PAPP) led by Dra. Sri Djoharwinarlien, S.U., or who is familiarly called Bu Lien. At the same time, the 1st Congress of the Political and Government Alumni Association (PAPP) was held at the Eastern Seminar of Fisipol UGM.

DEPOLPE is a reunion activity for alumni from various generations of the Department of Politics and Government of Fisipol UGM. This activity was first held in 2016 at Jimbaran Resto, Carnival Beach, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jakarta with the theme “DEPOLPE KANGENE” which means that alumni of the Department of Politics and Government Fisipol UGM are eager to meet friends. However, “DEPOLPE KANGENE” in a playful language, can also be interpreted as spilling the old longing that is “polke” (REUNI DEPOLPE).

The moment of togetherness at the DEPOLPE event can be accessed through the Twitter @DepolpeKangene.

Alumni of the Department of Politics and Government who have just graduated and are exploring the world of careers can take part in programs organized by Alumni of Universitas Gadjah Mada which can be accessed via

Some of the information that can be obtained is related to:

  1. Job vacancy
  2. Internship Program
  3. Career Class & Alumni Sharing
  4. UGM Virtual Career Fair
  5. Career Counseling

In addition, DPP graduates can take advantage of the Career Development Center (CDC) of Fisipol UGM which is a faculty support unit tasked with developing the capacity of UGM Fisipol students. Active students, especially those who are about to graduate, can also take advantage of facilities such as psychologist and career consulting services, as well as internship assistance.

Complete information about CDC Fisipol UGM can be accessed through CDC Fisipol.

The Department of Politics and Government is committed to establishing harmonious relations with DPP alumni spread throughout Indonesia. Stories and profiles of DPP alumni are often raised through DPP’s social media channels.

The legalization of diplomas and transcripts can be submitted to the Faculty. Based on the Decree of the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Gadjah Mada University Number 2217/J01.SP/SK-3/III/2019, starting July 24, 2019 the fees charged for legalization and translation are as follows:

Legalized certificate:

  1. Bachelor Degree: idr 2500/sheet
  2. Master Degree: idr 5000/sheet
  3. Doctoral Degree: idr 7500/sheet

Translation of diplomas and transcripts in English:

  1. Bachelor Degree: idr 10000
  2. Master Degree: idr 10000
  3. Doctoral Degree: idr 10000

DPP graduates who need the legalization of these documents can go directly to the UGM Fisipol Front Office.

Accreditation Certificate
Alumni who need an accreditation certificate for the need for document inclusion to the intended agency can request a copy of the accreditation certificate of the study program to the secretariat of the Ministry of Politics and Government. Applications are addressed directly to each study program.