Welcome to the website of the Department of Politics and Governance!

This website is a means for the department to communicate and share our activities with students, alumni, and the public. Our three major activities—education, research, and social service—can be monitored here, with frequent updates.

The Department of Politics and Governance was formerly known as the Government Science Programme (from 1955 to 2010), then the Politics and Governance Programme (from 2010 to 2016). The department’s new name was granted following the union of its undergraduate, masters’, and doctorate programmes under the umbrella of a single discipline, sharing a single department-managed research unit.

Also available on this website, through its menus, are a variety of our research and advocacy activities. Many of our research publications are available for free download, as part of the department’s commitment to expanding the horizon of public knowledge regarding political and government science in Indonesia. We believe that this is a small step towards realising our department’s dream of “Humanising Politics’.


Amalinda Savirani