Greeting from the Department Chair

Welcome to the website of the Department of Politics and Government, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada.

This website contains basic information about the Department of Politics and Government, which will be especially useful for students and prospective students, but also we hope to help the general public understand the what, who and how of this department.

The Department of Politics and Government has a long history until 1948, even when Gadjah Mada University was not yet established. In that year, the Academy of Political Science (AIP) was established in Yogyakarta, which aims to prepare the bureaucracy in the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Information. One of the majors in AIP is the Department of Government.

Later, when UGM was established, the learning process at AIP was transferred to be part of this new university. Historically, the Department of Government metamorphosed into the Department of Government Science, then the Department of Politics and Government, and finally became the Department of Politics and Government. These changes are based on the aim of finding the best competency format according to the demands of the times.

Currently, the DPP is no longer focused on preparing bureaucrats. The competencies developed are much broader than that. The learning process is now managed in the Undergraduate Study Program, Master Study Program and Doctoral Study Program, supported by research, advocacy and publication activities at the Research Center for Politics and Government (PolGov). All of this is intended to produce alumni who master cognition and political skills and are ready to continue learning about new things after completing their studies at DPP.

Details of the process can be found on this website. Happy visiting, and we hope to be of use!

Abdul Gaffar Karim
Head of Department