Masters Program Thesis Information


Type of Final Project

Master’s program students are required to complete the Thesis as a final project.

Thesis Guidance

During the lecture process, students will have intense communication with one academic Advisor (DPA). In this mentoring process, students can consult on various matters related to the academic process, such as filling out the KRS, determining the courses to be taken to designing the thesis they want to write. All the mentoring and consultation processes will be monitored in writing through the Academic Progress Monitoring System and Thesis Guidance Progress.

There are several ways that students can use to follow the mechanism of mentoring and consultation with lecturers, namely:

  1. Follow the schedule of guidance and consultation. Students can come for guidance and consultation according to the specified schedule if the supervisor in question already has a fixed schedule of guidance and consultation
  2. Make an appointment in advance. If students want to take guidance or conduct academic consultations with supervisors who do not determine a fixed schedule for guidance and consultation, the student concerned can ask for an agreement on the lecturer’s time by making an appointment in advance. In making an appointment, students can directly meet the lecturer in question or contact via telephone or e-mail.

Session Terms

  1. Scan Student Identity Card
  2. Proof of current semester UKT payment
  3. KRS for the current semester (must include the ‘Thesis’ credit)
  4. Interim transcript with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  5. Theory Pass Letter
  6. Show a photocopy of TPA and TOEFL certificates
  7. Proof of lecturer’s approval to register for the exam

Graduation Requirements (Graduation Flow)

  1. Upload Thesis
    Upload the Thesis PDF file independently via the page
  2. Pay Graduation
    Paying graduation fees through BNI Bank (no complete information yet)
  3. Got Graduation ID
    Students ask for passwords and graduation online IDs at the Academic Section of FISIPOL
  4. Filling in Personal Data
    Students fill in their personal data after verification
  5. TPA/TOEFL Verification
    Students wait for TPA and TOEFL verification by the University a maximum of 1×24 hours
  6. Upload TPA/TOEFL
    Students upload scanned TPA and TOEFL certificates through the graduation
  7. Print Graduation Cards
    Students print attachments (A.1 to A.5) which have been signed by master students and study programs submit a thesis CD to the FISIPOL library and a free letter from the library
  8. Pay Graduation
    • Paying the graduation release fee of IDR 450,000.00
    • Number: 888815171266
    • Name: UGM FSP KAF WIS S2
    • Bank: Bank Mandiri (need confirmation why are there 2x payments?)
  9. Collecting Files
    Submit complete graduation documents to the faculty