Limited Discussion of RegINA and GIGA Related to Natural Resources Governance

Resource Governance in Asia Pacific (RegINA) and PolGov held a limited discussion with Anna Fünfgeld, a researcher from the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA). Currently, she is conducting research for his doctorate, related to Indonesian energy politics, especially coal. Located in room BA 403, this discussion was attended by several researchers of PolGov, RegINA and DPP lecturers.

This discussion generally discusses natural resource control based on the types, commodities and actors concerned. Participants exchange ideas and compare the researches’ result that have been done by each researcher on the governance of gold, palm oil and various resource commodities.

The result of the discussion was formulated by the participants in a comparative table containing the types of commodities, as well as influential indicators in governance. The difference in yields from each indicator to each commodity indicates that each extractive resource has different governance characteristics.

Discussions with fellow researchers from various countries and institutions are one of RegINA’s efforts, PolGov in augmenting knowledge and perspectives on the governance of Indonesia’s extractive resources. In addition, such discussions are also capable of expanding the RegINA network, and generally PolGov, both at home and abroad. (Krisanti)