Facing Disruption in Higher Education

Universities need to encourage the growth of “internal bullies” ability of inventing to disruptive breakthroughs in learning. This is one of the conclusions in the discussion with Prof. Dr. Pratikno about disruption in college on Thursday, January 25, 2018 at Hotel Santika Yogyakarta.

Pratikno explained about the industrial revolution 4.0, technological developments, which have influenced social, economic, and educational changes. Pratikno reminded that the technological revolution has digitized things and created uncertainty and constant change or what Pratikno called “disruption”.

The event which is attended by lecturers and deans of Faculty of UGM, Pratikno emphasized the importance of adjustment of higher education with disruption era.

“How much we master the theory, will certainly be disrupted”, he said. “Therefore higher education should now be able to develop those learners who have disruptive ability.”

This process needs to be supported by building a multi-disciplinary curriculum ecosystem and inter-science collaboration. “If we do not disrupt ourselves, then, other people will disrupt ourselves”, he concluded