Workshop for Political Science Doctoral Program

On Friday, 12 and 26 March 2021, the UGM Doctor of Political Science Program held workshops entitled “Workshop on Doctoral Political Science” with Dr. Ismail Fahmi (Founder Drone Emprit) and Wahyu Kustiningsih, M.A. (Lecturer at the UGM Department of Sociology).

The workshops which were held at 13.00 WIB each discussed  different topics in the framework of research methods for UGM Political Science doctoral students. On March 12, 2021, Dr. Ismail Fahmi (Founder Drone Emprit) with Amalinda Savirani (as host) talked about the topic “Introduction to Social Network Analysis Materials” with doctoral students across departments and also participants in the general category.

This Social Network Analysis method contains elements such as cliques and components, and triads, network density, and conflict, virality and information diffusion, as well as SNA and Twitter. As for Dr. Ismail Fahmi introduced a platform called Gephi. This method is useful for analysis, especially in the digital world or social media platforms. This is in line with the increase in Twitter users in Indonesia from 27% in 2018 to 56% in 2020. Dr. Ismail Fahmi also mentioned that the spread of topics of discussion in Indonesia that are national in nature often gather on Twitter, while local scale topics such as city / district issues often gather on Facebook. This shows the usefulness of the Social Network Analysis Method in research on various topics.

On March 26, 2021, Wahyu Kustiningsih, M.A. (Lecturer at the UGM Department of Sociology), talked about “Introduction to the NVivo Method” with Arie Ruhyanto (DPP UGM Lecturer) as the host. According to Wahyu Kustiningsih, the NVivo method is useful for processing large amounts of informant data to carry out mapping in literature reviews. In addition, the benefits of using the NVivo Method according to Wahyu Kustiningsih include clear analysis steps, minimizing the risk of missing important information, making it easier to select information, time effectiveness, easy collaboration with the team, and transparency of the analysis process (useful for donors).

To follow in full on the discussion on “Social Network Analysis” and “Introduction to the NVivo Method”, you can visit Youtube DPP UGM or the link below:

Social Network Analysis:
NVivo Method Introduction:

Photo illustration by: Shahadat Rahman via Unsplash

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