Undergraduate Thesis Guidance

During the lecture process, students will have intense communication with one academic Advisor (DPA). In this mentoring process, students can consult on various matters related to the academic process, such as filling out the KRS, determining the courses taken to designing the thesis they want to write. All the mentoring and consultation processes will be monitored in writing through the Academic Progress Monitoring System and Thesis Guidance Progress.

There are several ways that can be used by students to follow the mechanism of guidance and consultation with lecturers, namely:

  1. Following the schedule of guidance and consultation. Students can attend guidance and consultation according to a predetermined schedule if the supervisor in question already has a fixed schedule of guidance and consultation.
  2. Make an appointment in advance with the supervisor. This is intended if students want to follow guidance or conduct academic consultations with supervisors who do not determine a fixed schedule for guidance and consultation. Students can make time arrangements with lecturers via email, contact via telephone, or meet in person.

Thesis Guidance

The flow of thesis guidance for students who take theses is as follows:

  1. The department manager determines the mentoring for students who propose a thesis theme/title. The criteria for determining the supervising lecturer by considering several things include:
    • The suitability of the thesis topic with the expertise
    • load for each lecturer
    • . Other criteria determined by the department. The
  2. the department issues a thesis supervisor Decree. Thesis guidance
  3. begins after the department issues a decision letter.

The mentoring process is monitored through a thesis progress monitoring book provided by the Academic and Student Affairs Section.

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