Undergraduate Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate education program graduation requirements 

Students are declared to have passed the Undergraduate Program if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Have completed at least a number of 144-148 credits required
  2. a minimum GPA of 2.00
  3. The minimum required course value is C
  4. Number of credits with a D score of no more than 10% of the total credits total
  5. No score E
  6. Passed the thesis exam

Graduation Criteria for Undergraduate Education Program Graduation

predicate is given in three levels, namely the highest level with predicate cum laude, middle level with very satisfactory predicate satisfactory.

The graduation criteria for each predicate are as follows:

  1. With Compliments (Cum laude)
    • GPA of 3.51 or more
    • The maximum period of study that has been undertaken is 10 semesters.
  2. Very Satisfactory
    • Grade Point Average 2.75 or more
    • No limit on course repetition
  3. Satisfactory
    • Grade Point Average 2.50 – 2.74
    • No limit on repetition of courses

Authority to determine graduation with cum laude predicate, very satisfying, and satisfactory is determined by the Dean of the Faculty .

Steps for Data Entry for Graduates and File Collection 

Some of the graduate data needed in Data Entry at SIA Graduation are as follows:

  1. Writing name : adjusted to high school diploma (not all capital letters)
  2. Writing Place, Date of Birth : adjusted to high school diploma
  3. Entry
  4. date Date Graduated : Filled with the date of the
  5. GPA, credits adjusted to the transcript (see on the portal)
  6. Predicate :
    • 00 – 2.74 : Satisfactory
    • 75 – 3.50 : Very Satisfactory
    • 51 – 4.00 : Cum Laude (Max. 5 Years Study Period)
    • 51 – 4.00 : Very Satisfactory ( Study period more than 5 years)
  7. Filling in the names of the supervisors and examiners written in full with their titles. The first order: Advisor. Second and third order: Examiners.
  8. The title of the thesis in the revised title entry.
  9. All other data must be filled in completely.

Order of files to be collected ;

  1. Black and white photo size 3 × 4 (2 sheets)
  2. Original KTM
  3. Proof of collection of Thesis CD from the UGM Library
  4. Certificate form free of libraries and others (signatures and stamps have been requested) and attachments from the Library
  5. Data of Graduates printed (2 sheet) and pasted 3 × 4 black and white photos.
  6. Diploma form, landscape printed (1 sheet) and pasted 3 × 4 black and white photos.
  7. KAGAMA Form 91 sheets and pasted 2 × 3 color photos (Blue Background)
  8. Copy of high school diploma (2 sheets)
  9. The title of the thesis in Indonesian and English


  • Students can take care of and complete the administrative requirements for graduation at the Faculty if they have submitted their thesis. Students who do not submit thesis manuscripts are not entitled to attend graduation, obtain diplomas and transcripts.
  • Administrative requirements for graduation at the faculty include:
    1. Has been declared graduated by the Department
    2. Fill out the registration form for prospective graduates in the academic and student affairs section and complete other requirements contained therein.
    3. Students who have completed all graduation requirements at the faculty are then referred to as prospective graduates.
  • Graduation Ceremony
    1. Students who have been designated as prospective graduates are entitled to attend the graduation ceremony organized by the University.
    2. Prospective graduates who have not met all the administrative requirements set by the university and faculty are given the opportunity to attend graduation in the next period.
    3. Students who have attended the graduation ceremony will receive a diploma and a transcript as an attachment to the diploma.
    4. Graduates who do not attend the graduation ceremony, diplomas, transcripts of grades, samir and other equipment are accepted at the Academic and Student Affairs Section of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM.

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