Types of Undergraduate Thesis

There are two types of final assignments that S1 students of the Department of Governmental Politics can choose, namely:


Thesis is a scientific paper that is the student’s final project. This paper was preceded by scientific research, the results of which were then compiled into a thesis. Thesis writing has a credit weight of 6 credits.

Type of Thesis

  1. Scientific work which is a student’s final project, which is preceded by scientific research, with a stronger practical dimension than conventional thesis. There are several variations of the form of thesis work, namely:
    • Journal Article
      Scientific writing compiled according to the rules of preparation of academic journals. This type of journal article thesis has a credit weight of 6 credits.
    • Advocacy Products Theses
      with a variety of advocacy products have three forms, including:

      1. Policy Paper
        Research results that focus on one particular policy issue and provide clear policy recommendations to policy makers. The policy paper has a credit weight of 3 credits.
      2. Academic
        Manuscript A scientifically justified manuscript concerning the conception containing the background, purpose of preparation, the objectives to be realized and the scope, scope, object, or direction of regulation of the draft legislation. Academic manuscripts have a credit weight of 6 credits.
      3. Documentary
        films/videos Non-story films/videos that combine elements of fact and the subjectivity of the creator. Documentary films/videos have a credit rating of 6 credits.
  2. Internship/Internship report

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