Big Data Analytics Laboratorium

The Big Data Analytics Laboratory is an interdisciplinary research laboratory under the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Gadjah Mada University, which focuses on the use of data in social sciences (Social Data Science). The laboratory, which was established in 2019, was built on awareness of the development of information technology as well as a form of learning innovation, research, and service in the era of the abundance of digital information. The Big Data Analytics Laboratory consistently continues to develop, both in terms of human resources, infrastructure, and data management. Big Data Analytics Labs can perform a variety of computational and visualization tasks to support social and political research quickly and efficiently. Various studies have been produced through this laboratory, such as research on electoral governance, natural resource governance, and democracy. In addition, the Big Data Analytics Laboratory also facilitates stakeholders in identifying and analyzing various social and political phenomena for the formulation of public policies.

Clients and Partners

Korps Mahasiswa Politik dan Pemerintahan (Komap) UGM
Dewan Mahasiswa (Dema) Fisipol UGM
Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa-Keluarga Mahasiswa (BEM-KM) UGM
Badan Pengawas Pemilu (Bawaslu) DIY
Bank Rakyat Indonesia
Telkom Indonesia
Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Our Activities


The process of collecting data on news articles on news portals, tweets on Twitter, and other dataset sources.


The process of cleaning, structuring, and enriching raw data into the desired format so that the dataset is ready for further analysis.


The process of data analysis according to a certain method.


The process of representing data into a visual display in order to see patterns and draw insights.


We have produced various knowledge products in various publication formats, such as:


Laboratorium Big Data Analytics, Departemen Politik dan Pemerintahan

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