1. General Notes
    To realise DPP’s vision and mission, PolGov—as the research division of DPP—has sought to become a superior research institution. As such, it has established a publication division to accommodate the needs of stakeholders involved in politics and government, as well as in other fields. Such publication is intended to contribute to the development of knowledge and dissemination of research results. DPP publishes the work of lecturers, research teams, students (from selected undergraduate and master’s theses), as well as monographs and journals.
  2. Process
    Various steps must be undertaken by individuals/institutions seeking publication with PolGov, including:

    • The manuscript is submitted via polgov@ugm.ac.id
    • After the manuscript is received, it is reviewed by the PolGov editorial team over the course of 1–3 months. This review is intended to identify whether the manuscript is pursuant to PolGov’s vision and mission.
    • If a manuscript is accepted by PolGov, it undergoes the publication process: contract drafting, language editing, proofreading, layouting, and printing. If a manuscript is rejected, it is returned to the author.