Public Discussion – Dua Sisi Kebhinekaan Sekolah

On Monday, August 22, 2022, the Department of Politics and Government (DPP) UGM held a public discussion entitled Dua Sisi Kebhinekaan di Sekolah or loosely translated to Two Sides of Diversity in School. The discussion, which is a form of reflection on tolerance and the perception of harmony from education actors in Indonesia, was held through a zoom meeting and broadcast live through the DPP FISIPOL UGM YouTube channel and presented three main speakers, namely Sari Oktafiana, Anton Abdul Fatah, and Asep Mulyana. In addition, this discussion was attended by two responders from lecturers at DPP FISIPOL UGM, Dr.rer.pol. Mada Sukmajati and Dr. R.B. Abdul Gaffar, S.IP., M.A.
The discussion, moderated by Dian Nuriningtyas, was opened with a presentation by the first speaker, namely Sari Oktafiana who presented her dissertation entitled “Indonesian Political Islam: How Have They Changed the Indonesian Educational System?”. This dissertation discusses the education system in Indonesia and how Islamic politics affect the education system in Indonesia.
Then continued by Anton Abdul Fatah explained his dissertation entitled “An Analysis of Local Secondary School Teachers’ Perception of the Current Peace in Ambon, Indonesia”, which discussed the teaching system and conditions of Indonesian education in conflict areas, with case studies taken namely Ambon. Asep Mulyana, as the third speaker, explained his dissertation entitled “Politics of Emotions and Tolerance in the Multicultural Class Program at SMK Bakti Karya Parigi, Pangandaran” which discussed political emotions that foster the value of tolerance. The clash of various values that occur through various interactions, activities, and programs will give birth to a productive emotional experience that fosters tolerance.
Mada Sukmajati and Abdul Gaffar Karim as responders in this discussion gave their appreciation for the research that had been carried out by the three speakers. Both explained that political contestation is a process of the Islamization of education in Indonesia and affects the tolerance and diversity of Indonesian education.
To take part in the public discussion “Two Sides of School Diversity” more fully, you can visit DPP UGM’s YouTube or click here.