DPP UGM Socializes Fast Track Program for Students

Yogyakarta, February 21, 2024—The Department of Politics and Government held a Socialization of the Fast Track Program at BRI Work FISIPOL UGM. This activity aims to inform students about the new DPP program, namely the Fast Track Program designed to allow students to obtain both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in a short period.

Bayu Dardias, the Chair of the S2 Program, and Devy Dhian Cahyati, the Secretary of the S1 Program, explained the requirements, procedures, and implementation of the Fast Track Program to dozens of attending students. The criteria for students eligible for the fast track program include have completed the bachelor’s degree theory, having a GPA equal to or above 3.51, having completed 4 semesters, and having a minimum TOEFL score of 500/IELTS 6.0. Before continuing to S2 studies, students will write a paper, which will be evaluated by the Program as a substitute for the Bachelor’s Final Project. Subsequently, students will receive a recommendation from a lecturer of the Master’s Program (S2) they are aiming for and write a statement letter committing to complete the Master’s Program within a maximum of 3 semesters.

The implementation of the Fast Track Program will take 5 years, starting with undergraduate studies in the first year until the third year. After that, participants will commence their S2 studies in the fourth year or the 7th semester and will last for a maximum of 2 years.

In addition, there is also a Fast Track and Double Degree Program that has a study duration of 5.5 years, obtaining 3 degrees, namely a Bachelor’s degree from UGM, an S2 from UGM, and an S2 from abroad. The implementation of this program is almost the same as the Fast Track, but in the second year of the S2 program, students will study abroad for a semester and then return for the final semester at UGM.

The Fast Track Program was enthusiastically welcomed by students, as evidenced by the lively discussion and Q&A session at the end of the event.