Dissertation Guide Information


Doctoral program students are required to complete a Dissertation as a final project.

A dissertation is an academic paper that is the result of in-depth research carried out independently and contains new contributions to the development of science or finding new answers to problems for which the answers are not yet known or asking new questions on matters that are considered established in the field of social sciences. and political science conducted by Doctoral Candidates under the guidance of the Promoter team.

Dissertation Guidance

During the lecture process, students will have intense communication with the Promoter Team. The promoter team will conduct collective and continuous mentoring under the coordination of the Promoter. In this mentoring process, students can consult on various matters related to the academic process such as the design of a dissertation proposal that they want to write. All the mentoring and consultation processes will be monitored in writing through the Academic Progress Monitoring System and the Dissertation Proposal Guiding Progress.

The guidance process is regulated in the contract between the promoter and co-promoter with the student which includes:

  1. Agreement on the schedule and place of mentoring with a minimum frequency of 4 times in 1 semester including 2 times of joint mentoring by the promoter and co-promoter.
  2. Agreement on the achievement of study progress in each semester.
  3. Agreement on how to communicate between promoters and co-promoters with students.
  4. The mentoring process is recorded in the logbook attachment provided by the study program.
  5. Consequences if the contract is not fulfilled, a new contract will be made between the promoter and co-promoter with the student.

Dissertation Proposal Examination Terms

  1. Active status, indicated by attaching proof of payment of the current semester tuition fees
  2. Have passed Theory or completed face-to-face lectures with a minimum GPA of 3.25 (three point twenty five)
  3. Collecting TOEFL (500) and TPA (550) test results
  4. Show proof of ACC for Proposal Examination from Promoter Team
  5. Collect 6 copies of the draft to the Secretariat, and back it up via the Secretariat email (s3ilmupolitik.fisipol@ugm.ac.id)

Open & Graduation Examination (Doctoral Only)

Open Exam Terms:

  1. In addition to submitting a dissertation manuscript, students are required to submit a dissertation summary written in a journal format.
  2. The time for the implementation of the open exam is determined by the Head of the Examiner Team at the time of submission of the results of the closed exam, taking into account the considerations of the Promoter Team.
  3. If the student passes the Closed Examination with corrections, then the open examination is carried out after the dissertation revision is approved by the Promoter Team and the Examiner Team in writing.
  4. The Open Examination shall be conducted no later than six months after the date of the closed examination.
  5. The Dissertation Examiner Team for the Open Examination is the same as the Dissertation Examining Team for the Closed Examination.
  6. The Open Examination took place at the UGM Faculty of Social and Political Sciences for 60 minutes.
  7. Students must submit a dissertation manuscript of eight copies which have been approved by the Promoter Team and the Examiner Team in writing no later than ten days before the Open Examination.

Open Exam Requirements:

  1. Have passed the Closed Examination and show the revised ACC from the Examiner Team (approval sheet)
  2. Minimum GPA of 3.50 or recommended by the Promoter Team as a form of appreciation for dissertation contributions
  3. Submit a Dissertation Manuscript (8 copies) and a dissertation summary written in journal format and submit a bookmarked dissertation CD
  4. Uploading Independent Data (Library requirements)
  5. Uploading Personal Data On Line (File in print to register)

Graduation Terms and Conditions:

Registration for Graduation Period I for the Academic Year 2021/2022 is carried out through the https://simaster.ugm.ac.id page using their respective Single Sign On (SSO) accounts. If you don’t have an SSO account, you can contact the Directorate of Information Systems and Resources (DSSDI). Graduation registration stages:

  1. Updating non-UGM phone numbers (HP) and email in the settings menu, sub menu for account data;
  2. Choose the academic menu, the judiciary sub menu and complete the biodata for the purposes of writing a diploma, upload a scan of the latest diploma document, scan an ID card or passport (for foreigners), color photos, and supporting documents for changing personal data (if any);
  3. Completing the requirements, among others: i). Fill in data for the purposes of the GAMA Co-Brand Alumni Card and Exit Survey, which can be done on-line via the https://simaster.ugm.ac.id page on the alumni menu, GAMA Co-Brand card sub menu ii). Filling out Exit Survey data, can be done on-line through the https://simaster.ugm.ac.id page, survey menu iii). Uploading the final work file (Thesis/Desertation) for Candidate Graduates via the https://upload.etd.ugm.ac.id page to. 28 September 2021 at 14.00 WIB using the UGM SSO account according to the format in the attached list of this circular.
  4. Choose the graduation period that has been offered by the Faculty/Postgraduate School/study program;
  5. Check and approve diploma data fields by clicking on diploma preview;
  6. Register for the online graduation procession for Period I Academic Year 2021/2022 no later than September 30, 2021 at 16:00 WIB by clicking Graduation List;
  7. Conditions for uploading photos for the diploma process:
    1. Photo Size
      1. Color photo with white background
      2. Maximum size 2 MB with 3:4 ratio and .jpg format
    2. Clothes
      1. Men: White shirt, black tie, black suit (not alma mater coat)
      2. Women: White shirt, black blazer (not alma mater coat)
      3. For women with headscarves: wearing a white shirt, a black coat (not an alma mater coat), a black headscarf and tucked into a shirt
    3. Position
      1. Body and head erect parallel to the front
      2. Both ears must be visible for those who are not veiled
      3. Do not use glasses, veils, masks, and other face barriers
    4. Photo Quality
      1. Photos must be clear/sharp and not blurry
      2. Not a scanned/repro photo from HP