Research Center for Politics and Government (PolGov), Department of Politics and Government UGM organized the annual training ‘The Asia Pacific Hub’ (ASPACHUB) on natural resource management. The theme chosen in this year is ‘Advancing Accoutable Resource Governance in Asia Pacific 2018’.

The training was held in Tanjung Pandan, Belitung from January 8-19, 2018. The event was opened Monday (8/01) and presented the keynote speech of Vice Minister of EMR, Arcandra Tahar on Tuesday (9/01).

This training is a collaboration of PolGov DPP UGM and Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI).

A total of 28 participants from the United States, Philippines, Indonesia, Britain, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam attended the event. They come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from government agencies, NGO activists and practitioners from extractive industries.

As in previous years training is not only done in the classroom but also involves participants to the field to see firsthand the problems and management of natural resources. Participants will visit the mining site in Belitung. They will also discuss with the local government how to manage the natural resources in the area.

Reliable sources from countries with expertise in extractive industries will facilitate participants to understand and improve skills related to natural resource management.

This activity is expected not only to become a forum for knowledge sharing and skills but also as a vehicle for DPP to be actively involved in improving the management of extractive industries in Asia-Pacific.

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