Alumni and Practitioners Lecture: Political Changes and Global Risk Map after the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Department of Politics and Government (DPP) UGM held a lecture on alumni and practitioners on Monday, 8 May 2023 at the Big Data Laboratory, Fisipol UGM. This lecture is part of the DPP S-1 course, namely Political Change.

Alumni and Practitioner Classes are held to provide opportunities for students to study lecture topics directly with resource persons, both from alumni and practitioners who are experts in their fields. This collaboration class with alumni and practitioners is a regular and continuous class held by the Department of Politics and Government.

In the Alumni and Practitioner class this time, one of the DPP alumni, Arum Kusumaningtyas, who is an alumnus of Government Science UGM, class of 2000, is present. Arum is a Government and Public Affairs Specialist who is currently an expert in several ministries.

Arum explained Political Change and the Global Risk Map after the Covid-19 pandemic to lecture participants who were DPP students class of 2021. Arum explained that in 2021 the world is entering a new round of global policy change, namely the transition from Magna Carta to Terra Carta: The Green Chapter.

Arum also emphasized that we need changes called concurrent affairs between the central and regional governments. Concurrent affairs are a real form of collaborative governance. So to form human resources capable of realizing collaborative governance, Arum expects political and government students to understand the details of laws related to regional government because all political changes and political dynamics between the central government and local governments will involve regional government laws.