Alumni and Practitioners Lecture: Political Communication Strategy of the President of the Republic of Indonesia

Yogyakarta – Department of Politics and Government (DPP) UGM held an Alumni and Practitioners lecture on Friday, March 24, 2023, Big Data Laboratory Room (BA 401), Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM. This lecture is a combination of the DPP undergraduate courses, Political Communication Strategy and Elections.

At this time, Alumni dan Practitioners invited one of the DPP lecturers, AAGN Ari Dwipayana, who is currently a Special Staff Coordinator for the President of the Republic of Indonesia. On this occasion, Ari Dwipayana explained the political communication strategy implemented by the president. According to him, before determining a communication strategy, the most important thing to do is understand the objectives of communication.

Ari continued, in a simple way, that successful communication is when the communicant understands the message to be carried. “The indicator is seen from the ability of communication messages influence, build, and move, both of a positive image and participation,” he said.

While more specifically, political communication aims to build legitimacy. Ari explained communication has legitimacy when it can provide recognition and acceptance, be it ideology, authority, or policy. This legitimacy can be measured through a survey of levels of trust, satisfaction, support, and feedback.

Ari also stated that legitimacy is built through communication in various forms, starting from single narratives, soundbites, and counter noise. On another side, the communication strategy also requires evaluation. “In the end, political communication requires strategies, plans, and monitoring that are carried out gradually,” he said.