Academic Partner — APMA

Master of Arts Asia Pasifik in Human Rights and Democratization (APMA)

An intensive 12-month interdisciplinary postgraduate program jointly offered by the Institute for Human Rights and Peace Studies Mahidol University (Thailand), Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines, Kathmandu School of Law (Nepal), University of Colombo (Sri Lanka), and Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia) This program Reflects the interrelationships between human rights, democracy, peace and development in the Asia Pacific region At the end of the programme, students will have:

  1. Excellent knowledge of the theory and practice of the promotion and protection of human rights and democratization.
  2. Test their ability to conduct independent scientific research on current issues of human rights and democratization in the Asia Pacific region;
  3. Capacity to put their academic understanding of human rights and democratization to use in real situations.

Program Structure:
Students take eight courses over two semesters. These courses include:

  1. Human Rights Norms and Mechanisms I and II
  2. The Dynamics of Human Rights Violations
  3. Human Rights Theory and Democratization
  4. Critical and Emerging Issues in Human Rights and Democratization in Asia Pacific
  5. Research Methods on Human Rights and Democratization
  6. Human Rights Intensive Course (focus changes annually).

In January of the second semester, students attend an Intensive Course, a series of lectures and fieldwork on certain human rights issues that change every year. Students then proceed to the partner university of their choice (Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines, Kathmandu Law School in Nepal, Colombo University in Sri Lanka, or Gadjah Madah University in Indonesia), where they take the remaining courses.