Indah Surya Wardhani, M.Sc.

Indah Surya Wardhani is a researcher at the Research Centre for Politics and Government (PolGov), Department of Politics and Government, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada. She has been involved in a number of research projects about politics of natural resources and also civil society. Previous her involvement in PolGov, she worked as a researcher at Litbang Kompas. She holds an undergradute degree in Sociology (S.Sos) from UGM and Master of Urban Management and Development (M.Sc) from IHS-Erasmus University, Netherlands. 

Her recent publication: “Local Social Movements and Local Democracy: Tin and Gold Mining in Indonesia” (Forthcoming, co-authored with Amalinda Savirani); “Development Aid and the (Re)production of Civil Society Elites: Human Rights and Anti-Corruption CSOs in Indonesia” (Forthcoming, co-authored with Purwo Santoso); and “Oil Palm Plantation Expansion and Frontier-Making in Papua, Indonesia” (Forthcoming, co-authored with Nanang Indra Kurniawan and Muhammad Djindan).

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