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Nanang Indra Kurniawan is a lecturer in the Department of Politics and Government, FISIPOL UGM. His research interests include Civil Society, Environmental Politics, Natural Resources Politics, and Technology Politics.  Before becoming a lecturer in 2006, he was involved as an NGO researcher and activist at the Institute for Research and Empowerment (IRE), Yogyakarta. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Government Science, FISIPOL UGM in 2001, Master’s degree from Department of Political Science and Management, Study of Management, Agder University College, Norway (2006), and completed his PhD at Asia Institute, Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne, Australia in 2016. One of his works recorded is Globalisation and the Norwegian Welfare State (2009). One of his journal articles is Struggle to Gain Representation: Mixed Politics in Democratising Indonesia. Power Conflict and Democracy Journal, Vol II No.2. (2010), “Claiming Indigenous Rights through Participatory Mapping and the Making of Citizenship”, co-written with Ståle Angen Rye and published by Political Geography.


  • Politics of Environtment
  • Politics of Natural Resources
  • Environmental Politics
  • Multiculturalism and Identity Politics
  • Political Ecology


No Reseacrh Activities Year Link
1 Antara Adat dan Kotak Suara: Menggali Peluang dan Tantangan Demokrasi "Asimetris" di Tingkat Lokal di Indonesia 2020 - 2021
2 Analisis Pengaruh Karakteristik Kultur dan Budaya Terhadap Pengembangan Ekonomi Lokal di Indonesia 2018 - 2018
3 Pengelolaan Tambang Minyak Rakyat di Wonocolo 2018 - 2018
4 Adaptive Resource-based Conflict Management Strategies in Decentered and Multilevel Governance Contexts 2017 - 2017
5 Local Elections 2017 - 2017
6 Riset Aksi Dinamika Politik Pengembangan Dana Abadi Migas Kabupaten Bojonegoro 2017 - 2017
7 Hibah Menara Ilmu Tata Kelola Sumber Daya Alam 2017 - 2017
8 Global Resources Management and Civil Society Development 2016 - 2016
9 Feasibility Study on the Formation of South Paser Regency, Eastern Kalimantan 2012 - 2012
10 Local Government’s Good Practices on Public Service Delivery, cases of 12 Districts in 4 Provinces in Indonesia 2011 - 2011
11 Power Welfare and Democracy 2010 - 2010
12 Internet and Online Environmental Movement in Indonesia 2009 - 2009


No Publication Activities Year Link
1 Regulating sustainable minerals in electronics supply chains: local power struggles and the ‘hidden costs’ of global tin supply chain governance 2020
2 Selected developments in human rights and democratisation during 2018: Could it have been worse? Mixed messages around democracy and human rights in the Asia Pacific 2019
3 Transnational policy influence and the politics of legitimation 2018
4 Negotiating Social Logic and Profit in the Provision of Welfare Services by Religious Organisations: A Case Study of Yogyakarta and North Sumatera Provinces 2018
5 Framing Needs, Politicising Cooperatives: Credit Union in West Kalimantan in a Cotext of Market Economy. 2018
6 Programmatic Politics and Voter Preferences: The 2017 Election in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta 2017
7 Claiming Indigenous Rights through Participatory Mapping and the Making of Citizenship 2017
8 Online Environmental Activism and Internet Use in the Indonesian Environmental Movement. Information Development 2013
9 Struggle to Gain Representation: Mixed Politics in Democratising Indonesia 2010
10 Wacana Lingkungan dan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan Dalam Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat di Indonesia 2012
11 Globalisasi dan Negara Kesejahteraan Norwegia 2009

Teaching & Academic Activities

No Program Courses
1 Undergraduate Program

1. Methodology in Political Sciences

2. Politics of Natural Resources

3. Politics and Technology

2 Master Program

1. Seminar Penelitian

2. Teori Politik

3. Polik Identitas dan Multikulturalisme

4. Politik Lokal dalam Konteks Global

5. Metode Penelitian

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